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Care Camp is proud to offer a fun-filled onsite summer camp experience for children ages 3 to 12 years old. We provide our campers with a prepared environment that aids our campers learning process with confidence to master valuable developmental skills. Spontaneous and self-directed learning is fostered in this non-competitive environment. We focus on developing healthy, confident, and independent kids. Our activities for kids ages 4-10 feature innovative teaching methods, small classes, and incredible instructors!


Through the use of a few core values, our summer camp staff works hard to ensure that each camper is provided with the environment necessary for individual growth. Care Camp’s unique camp experience combines both educational and physical activities that promotes academic growth, fine motor and fitness development. Each week, campers will be placed in groups with children of similar ages. These groups will be well supervised by our dedicated staff for each session. Students will be provided with constant support and supervision as they endeavour through their various activities including Math, English, Art, Science experiments, sports, co-operative games and much more!



With many families, both parents work. In other cases, families consist of one parent and the challenges associated with balancing work life with opportunities for their children can be difficult. We will go to every effort to provide a camp experience that assists families with balancing a busy schedule by offering a variety of programs and service options that are all close to home.


Camp 2022

  • Science Explosions and Experiments

  • Farm Animal Visits

  • Movie Days - on our giant theater

  • Weekly Swimming and Splash Pad Field Trips

  • Baking and Cooking Competitions

  • Reptile Visits

  • Carnival Day with Games and Prizes

  • Obstacle Course Days

  • Sports Days and Tournaments

  • Fishing at The Lake with Practical Learning and Survival Activities

  • The Amazing Care Race Event

  • Craft Days

  • Media and Technology Training with Coding Classes

  • Broad range of activities (e.g. sports, games, hikes, water play, art, science)

  • Extended day care available, Regular Camp Hours are 8 am to 6:30 pm



Our goal is that everyone who visits our Camp has the opportunity to enjoy themselves without being negatively affected by the inappropriate behaviour of other campers. It is therefore important that each Camper and their family know and understand our Code of Behaviour.


Physical Aggressiveness: Under no circumstances shall a Camper strike, push, or otherwise attempt to physically harm anyone.


Verbal Teasing: This includes discrimination, exclusion, or any form of communication that might reasonably make someone feel uncomfortable.


Respect for Safety: Campers are expected to obey the Camp’s rules to ensure the safety of themselves and others.



Easy Transition

Since we offer both full-time daycare for students 18 months and older which many of our campers were scholars at the daycare prior. We base our activities within the community to teach our campers about the city they live in with settings they are most comfortable to explore.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Camp begins on Mondays. Drop off is between 8:00am and pick up is anytime before 6:30pm. Extended Care in the morning is 6:45 am and in the evenings is until 8:00pm.​

Food and Snacks

Care Camp offers a daily lunch plan for $5.75 a day which is not include in the weekly daycare rates. Parents and guardians must prepare a healthy lunch for their child each day they attend camp. If a participant in the Extended Care Program, your camper will receive both breakfast and a light dinner. All campers are provided with unlimited fruit, water, and snacks throughout the day.​




Each day a new theme or program is planned out for our campers, with the options of Free Play activities. We maintain a great staff to camper ratio of 1 to 5. Our oldest boys campers are partnered with male mentors to allow boys to freely express themselves focusing on self-regulating.












Covid-19 Precautions


In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.


Care Camp Onsite Camp program will be taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure that students are protected. We will be making certain that all toys and equipment are cleaned and disinfected frequently. Students will be encouraged to perform frequent, proper hand hygiene and we will also be incorporating additional hand hygiene opportunities into the daily schedule. Physical distancing of at least 2 meters between camp participants, parents/guardians and staff will also be encouraged by spreading out activity areas, using visual cues, and alternating lunchtime and outdoor playtime. We will also be operating programs in consistent cohorts of no more than 10 individuals including both staff and camp participants. Students will stay within their designated cohort. Cohorts will not mix with other cohorts or be within in the same room/space at the same time. Personal belongings brought to camp will be minimized and kept in an area designated for the individual’s cohort and will not be handled by individuals from other cohorts. Lastly, the pick-up and drop-off of camp participants will happen outside the school and the procedures will support physical distancing. All individuals will be screened including daily temperature checks upon arrival and will be monitored for atypical symptoms and signs of COVID-19. Protocols are in place should participants show symptoms of COVID-19 while in camp.

Care Camp Fees

Weekly Full-Time Rate - $275

Weekly Part-Time Rate - $175 (Tuesday - Thursday)

Extended Weekly Care AM - $62.50  (6:45 am - 8:00 pm)

Extended Weekly Care PM - $72 (6:30 pm - 8:00 pm)

Extended Weekly Before and After Care - $125

Single Days - $60

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