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New YouTube channels for parents of preschoolers launched

First up, our friend Jenny's Jukebox Jam has just launched her YouTube channel. Jenny is a friendly puppet who likes to sing and share. If you have a preschooler who loves music, you'll love Jenny's channel so check it out and subscribe today.

Armed with a guitar, Jenny brings fun, musical and educational adventures to preschoolers everywhere! Do you like to laugh and make new friends? Jenny does! Every week Jenny sings songs, and she'd love for you to join her. Sometimes she is joined by a friend who introduces you and Jenny to their musical instrument.

Next, we've got a music channel for under 5s called Curly Cath's Cottage. This is the home of fun, creative and interactive musical adventures.

These songs help children aged 5 and under develop their language, counting and movement. Every week Curly Cath will be sharing new songs, dances or messy play videos.


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